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SENSOR SOLUTIONSWireless Sensor Devices

We design wireless sensor / actuator devices, including LoRaWAN and 6LowPAN mesh.

PCB DESIGNIdea to Board

From idea to circuit to working printed circuit board.

PoCProof of Concept

Field deployable minimum viable products for proof of concept trialling.

SOFTWAREEmbedded, Real-time

C and C++ embedded, real-time software development.

MACHINE LEARNINGResearch & Development

Turning dumb devices into smart ones using machine learning techniques.


We are dogged, obsessive even, in pursuit of creative solutions!

We are an embedded electronics design house

Mindhut is an embedded-electronics design house that specialises in developing end-devices for the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things (IoT) is about ordinary objects, from automobiles to smoke alarms, being endowed with the ability to exchange data with the global electronic nervous system that the Internet is fast becoming. To achieve this, those things are typically provisioned with a microcontroller, sensors and actuators, and a communications method, either wireless or wired, 'animated' via embedded, real-time software. We provide a low-volume prototyping service to rapidly turn ideas and concepts into field deployable IoT devices that can either be used for proof of concept testing, or as a solution in their own right. Those documented, proven designs can then be transferred to a contract electronics manufacturer for production.



Wireless Sensor Solutions

We've spent the last 5 years engaged in research, design and practical development of smart, low power, wireless networks for sensing and controlling 'things', from state-of-the-art, microcontroller and radio circuit board development to cloud based applications.

wireless sensing

Processing at Source

A key part of our approach is to turn raw data into information as close to the source as possible, using methods such as machine learning and digital signal processing, embedded in microcontrollers that manage the sensors and actuators. This avoids transporting large volumes of raw data over the network, which means that it is possible to take advantage of low power, low bandwidth sensor networks that can run off batteries (e.g. 802.15.4 6LoWPAN and Low power Wide Area Networks such as LoRaWAN).

Electronics Lab

We are located to the West of Upper Hutt in rural Moonshine Valley, with a small electronics laboratory to support design, development, testing and fabrication of prototype digital electronics systems.

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Ron Segal - Principal Engineer

Originally a military scientist, Ron has been designing and making electronics devices for more than thirty years

He has a particular talent for finding innovative, practical solutions to challenging requirements, whether in electronics, digital systems design, fixing stuff, or more generally.

He holds a Master of Science degree (MSc), is qualified as a Chartered Engineer of real-time systems (CEng), a European Engineer (Eur Ing), and is a Chartered Information Technology Professional NZ (CITPNZ).

The image on the left is of a live data feed from an ultrasonic level sensor that is currently monitoring the depth of water in a 25,000 litre remote water tank. The tank is on a hillside in a paddock about 1 kilometre away from the base station. The system has been running reliably for more than 2 years.


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